Solo works:

Cello Music, Cello solo, (2003) Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recording with Daniel Blendulf
Musical Moments, piano solo ( 2003)

Ricercare, Piano solo (2005) Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recording with Bengt Forsberg.
Loot for Lute, lute solo (2006) Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨.Recorded with Peter Söderberg.
Thoughts between thoughts, solo organ (2007)
Organ Music, solo organ (2008)
Organ Music 2, solo organ ( 2008)
Piano Music, solo piano ( 2009 )
Cellobatics, solo cello (2014) Edition Stockholm
Violations, solo viola (2014) Edition Stockholm
Bacla Constrictor (2018), bass clarinet

Pi (2017), solopiano, Edition Stockholm

ASX (2023), altsaxofon

Chamber Music:

Grusmusikväska, for mixed ensemble (1992), Edition Reimers, Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recording with Sonanza.
6-96, for mixed ensemble (1992)
Potrzebie, for mixed ensemble (1996)
Rite Now, Percussion, Strings & Tape (1991) Edition Reimers, Issued on Sterling Modern CD ¨in our time..¨
Essex Cue, Saxophone Quartet (1998) Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recorded withThe Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
String Quartet, (1983)
SQ II, String Quartet ( 2003)Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨.Recorded with The Syberg Quartet.
SQ III, String Quartet (2020) for Matinkvartetten
On testing the air raid sirens, cello, trombone & piano (2005)
Yo-Yo-Pee, woodwind quintet & piano (2007)
Double, two pianos (2008)
Diatonics, mixed ensemble ( 2010)
Gvint, violin & guitar (2011)
Fluvdrulc, flute, cello & drum set (2011)
Flullo, flute & cello ( 2011)
Flimba, flute & marimba (2011-12)
Ce Guisson, guitar, bassoon, cello (2014)
Para dos violines, violin duo (2014) Issued on Sterling Modern CD ¨in our time..
Trepianage (2016), three pianos, Edition Stockholm
GQ I (2017), guitar quartet, Edition Stockholm
Triguivillo (2018), violin, guitar & cello
Trio (2018), bass clarinet, cello & piano

Doub Con Cham (2019), 2 violins, 2 marimbas, 2 pianos

Pensamientos sobre un quadro (2020), trumpet, cello & piano

Duclapi (2021), clarinet & piano

For viola & piano (2021)

P3 (2021), violin, viola, piano

Music for voices

Vokalmusik, mixed choir (1992) Edition Reimers
Achtung Spitfeuer, male chorus (1995) Issued on CD ¨Swedish 20th Century male voice music ¨Recorded by Lihkören, cond. Hans Lundgren
Sister awake!, mixed choir (1998) Edition Reimers
To a mistress dying…. mixed choir (1998) Edition Reimers
Nuveddevår, mixed choir (2001) Edition Reimers
Prayer for smooth waters, mixed choir (2002)
Woman’s prayer to the sun, for a newborn girl, female chorus (2003)
…ra-hur……, mixed choir ( 2003)
Psalms, for mixed choir:
Psalm 8 (2001)
Psalm 13 (2002)
Psalm 92 (2002)
Psalm 93 (2002)
Psalm 102 (2002)
ur Höga Visan ( from The Song of Songs),for mixed choir (2004)
Som en gyllene ring, ( As a ring of gold/ Proverbs 11:22) for mixed choir
Kastraterna började klaga ( The castrati began complaining) ( H. Heine), male voices (2005)
Ur mina tårar spirar ( Out of my tears many flowers shoot) ( H. Heine), male voices (2005)
A season is set, (Eccl.) for mixed choir (2007)
I will not let thee go, (R. Bridges) for mixed choir ( 2008)

Herr, lasse mich nicht fallen (2018) (Karl Wolfskehl), mixed choir

Tränen sind der Seele herber Wein (2018) ( Karl Wolfskehl), mixed choir

Bitter-Sweet, (G. Herbert) for mixed choir (2021)

Virtue, (G. Herbert) for mixed choir (2021)

Five songs for mixed choir (2021)(Edward Thomas) 1: Sowing, 2: The Bridge, 3: The New House, 4: This Moonlight Makes, 5: Digging

Lights out (2022) for mixed choir ( Edward Thomas)

En underlig höst (2023) for mixed choir (Bertil Pettersson)

Utsiktslöst (2023) for mixed choir ( Bertil Pettersson)

Kanske (2023) for mixed choir ( Bertil Pettersson)

Det är den första kvällen (2023) for mixed choir ( Bertil Pettersson)

Juni (2023) for mixed choir (Bertil Pettersson)

Doften av ett minne (2023) for mixed choir ( Bertil Pettersson)

Solo voice & Piano:

The Wilfred Owen songs:
The Send-off
The Show
Dulce et decorum est
Arms and the Boy
I saw his Round Mouth’s Crimson
The Chances
The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
The next war
Six o’clock in Princes Street
Baryton & Piano ( 2008) , Sterling Modern CD ¨The Wilfred Owen Songs¨ John Erik Eleby / Mats Jansson

Två romanser (2008): Du har skakat mitt innersta väsen, Två ögon, baryton & piano

Voices & mixed ensemble

Nootka, mixed ensemble, mixed choir; (2003)
Lasst das Wort stehn (2018), mixed choir, vocal quartet, cantor, violin, bass clarinet/clarinet, guitar, double bass, piano


Bussresan ( The Bus ride ) for 1 driver and 30 -60 passengers with or without instruments ( 2004)

Music for Chamber Orchestra

Cu-Hu-Mu: Alef, Bet, Gimel, Daled (1993)
Diatonics (2010)

Music for Brass & Percussion

Over and over, all over (a.k.a. Lancaster Music) (1990)

Music for Orchestra

For the Orchestra, (1984)
For the Orchestra too (1986-87)
Three (1993)
Four, (1995-96)
Five, (1998)
Symphony No. 1, (2002)
Symphony No. 2, ( 2006)
Symphony No. 3, (2009)
The Waltz, (2006)
No Rup! (2014)
Six (2016)

Music for Strings

Urban music for strings, (2001)
Music for sad people, (2003)
SQ II SO, (2003/2005)
At the end of the day, ( 2006)

Solo & ensemble

Unlucky for some, alto & mixed ensemble ( 2012)
Des Menschen Wort vergeht, soprano, harmonium & violin ( 2013)

Människans användning (Bertil Pettersson), Baryton, Brass Quintet & Glockenspiel (2023)

Solo & Orchestra

Picons, piano & orchestra (1997-98)
Från den oföränderliga bryggan ( From the never changing pier) (2001) Lyrics by Ludvig Josephson, for bass and chamber orchestra. Issued on CD Nosag RecordsRecording with John Erik Eleby & KammarensmbleN, cond. Michael Bartosch
Mrs. Vogl’s Cello Chamber, Cello & Strings, ( 2004, 2023)
For two Violins & Orchestra (2019)

Electro – Accoustic works

Och / Eller, (And / Or), (1989)
Krokodilfarmen, ( The Crocodile farm), (1990)