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Chamber Music:

Grusmusikväska, for mixed ensemble (1992), Edition ReimersIssued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recording with Sonanza,

6-96, for mixed ensemble (1992)

Potrzebie, for mixed ensemble (1996)

Rite Now, Percussion, Strings & Tape (1991) Edition Reimers

Essex Cue, Saxophone Quartet (1998)Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recorded withThe Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

Cello Music, Cello solo, (2003)Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨. Recording withDaniel Blendulf

Musical Moments, piano solo ( 2003)

String Quartet, (1983)

SQ II, String Quartet ( 2003)Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨.Recorded with The Syberg Quartet.

Ricercare, piano solo (2005)Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨.Recorded by Bengt Forsberg

On testing the air raid sirens, cello, trombone & piano (2005)

Loot for Lute, lute solo (2006)Issued on Nosag Records CD ¨Boxed Chamber¨.Recorded with Peter Söderberg.

Yo-Yo-Pee, woodwind quintet & piano (2007)

Thoughts between thoughts, solo organ (2007)

Organ Music, solo organ (2008)

Organ Music 2, solo organ ( 2008)

Double, two pianos (2008)

Piano Music, solo piano ( 2009 )

Diatonics, mixed ensemble ( 2010)

Gvint, violin & guitar (2011)

Fluvdrulc, flute, cello & drum set (2011)

Flullo, flute & cello ( 2011)

Flimba, flute & marimba (2011-12)

Cellobatics, solo cello (2014)

Violations, solo viola (2014)

Ce Guisson, guitar, bassoon, cello (2014)

Para dos violines, violin duo (2014)

Music for voices

Vokalmusik, mixed choir (1992) Edition Reimers

Achtung Spitfeuer, male chorus (1995)Issued on CD ¨Swedish 20th Century male voice music¨Recorded by Lihkören, cond. Hans Lundgren

Sister awake!, mixed choir (1998) Edition Reimers

To a mistress dying…. mixed choir (1998) Edition Reimers

Nuveddevår, mixed choir (2001) Edition Reimers

Prayer for smooth waters, mixed choir (2002)

Woman’s prayer to the sun, for a newborn girl, female chorus (2003)

…ra-hur……, mixed choir ( 2003)

Psalms, for mixed choir:

Psalm 8 (2001)
Psalm 13
Psalm 92
Psalm 93
Psalm 102 (2002)

ur Höga Visan ( from The Song of Songs),for mixed choir (2004)

Som en gyllene ring, ( As a ring of gold/ Proverbs 11:22)for mixed choir

Kastraterna började klaga ( The castrati began complaining) ( H. Heine), male voices (2005)

Ur mina tårar spirar ( Out of my tears many flowers shoot) ( H. Heine), male voices (2005)

A season is set, (Eccl.) for mixed choir (2007)

I will not let thee go, (R. Bridges) for mixed choir ( 2008)


Solo voice & Piano:

The Wilfred Owen songs:

The Send-off
The Show
Dulce et decorum est
Arms and the Boy
I saw his Round Mouth’s Crimson
The Chances
The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
The next war
Six o’clock in Princes Street
Baryton & Piano ( 2008)



Voices & mixed ensemble

Nootka, mixed ensemble, mixed choir; (2003)



Bussresan ( The Bus ride ) for 1 driver and 30 -60 passengers with or without instruments ( 2004)


Music for Chamber Orchestra

Cu-Hu-Mu: (1993)AlefBetGimel Daled


Music for Brass & Percussion

Over and over, all over (a.k.a. Lancaster Music) (1990)


Music for Orchestra

For the Orchestra, (1984)

For the Orchestra too (1986-87)

Three (1993)

Four, (1995-96)

Five, (1998)

Symphony No. 1, (2002)

Symphony No. 2, ( 2006)

Symphony No. 3, (2009)

The Waltz, (2006)

No Rup! (2014)


Music for Strings

Urban music for strings, (2001)

Music for sad people, (2003)

SQ II SO, (2003/2005)

At the end of the day, ( 2006)


Solo & ensemble

Unlucky for some, alto & mixed ensemble ( 2012)

Des Menschen Wort vergeht, soprano, harmonium & violin ( 2013)


Solo & Orchestra Picons, piano & orchestra (1997-98)

Från den oföränderliga bryggan ( From the never changing pier) (2001)Lyrics by Ludvig Josephson, for bass and chamber orchestraIssued on CD, Nosag RecordsRecording with John Erik Eleby & KammarensmbleN, cond. Michael Bartosch

Mrs. Vogl’s Cello Chamber, Cello & Strings, ( 2004, 2008)

Electro ‚Äď Accoustic works Och / Eller, (And / Or), (1989)

Krokodilfarmen, ( The Crocodile farm), (1990)